The Trucks That Line The Freight

The memories never fade away. My first truck driving job started me off in my first Freightliner truck. To be exact I was required to operate a manual Cascadia Freightliner. The transmission was an Eaton fuller ten speed. I fell in love with this particular brand of truck because of the simple maintenance it required. Freightliner does offer some other outstanding models that I’ve enjoyed just as well, such as the Century Class, Columbia and Coronado. The Coronado is the beauty of them all. It’s fairly a much larger semi then the other models in the line of Freightliners.

I enjoy the wide range of maintenance shops around the nation. Buying a new are used Freightliner truck for sale. Can be challenging finding the best fit for your situation, but buying any semi truck for the first time can be challenging. Preferably I would focus on finding any freightliner trucks for sale in States that don’t get such harsh weather. This could mean the truck has been throught less wear and tear if your purchasing a used truck.

Freightliner was founded seventy six years ago in nineteen fourty two. Headquarters are currently in Portland Oregon. President Roger M. Neilsen and CEO John O’ Leary are the key people in charge of the business today. The company has a bright future and much to look forward to being that one hundred four Cascadia Freightliner trucks have provided 7.5 million miles of real world fuel economy and MPG data.

I think it’s fair enough to say the proof is in the pudding, when it comes to asking the big question. Are Freightliner trucks reliable? After driving Freightliner trucks for seven years I would have to agree that these line of semi-trucks can be very reliable. Now I wouldn’t want to over exaggerate and deem these semi-trucks the perfect “Big Rig”, but they can get the job done.

Today’s D.O.T system often jeopardizes the integrity of most trucks. The performance of Freightliner trucks has slightly decreased due to the implementation of DEF systems. The DEF system is a catalytic converter to significantly reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions. Now since trucks are required to have these systems fuel efficiency has been affected within performance. The truck can be full of fuel, but if your def tank runs empty the truck will refuse to run. Do you think this is unfair to the truck sales companies? Has this situation ever affected your personal driving experience? If so most veteran drivers can relate.

Each year thousands of truck drivers, trucking companies and truck sales are affected by D.O.T regulated decisions and devices. It can be difficult to enjoy the trucking industry today with all the constant changes. Although the changes keep rolling in, Freightliner trucks keep rolling out. Each new page turned in every chapter of Freightliners performance seems to leave a positive impression. At every crossroad of transportation remember the truck doesn’t make the driver, but the driver can make the truck.