Reasons to Keep a Vehicle’s Exterior Clean, Especially in the Winter

Although a few of automobile owners take pride in the appearance and cleanliness of their vehicle, the majority of individuals often treat a visit to the car wash as a luxury or form of entertainment for the children. The fact that numerous car owners don’t consider a visit to a car wash as a critical aspect of a vehicle’s routine maintenance is perplexing. Not only will a clean vehicle exterior form as aesthetically pleasing visual while driving down the road or even immobile, they can also raise the vehicle’s value.

The majority of individuals understand that the presence of dirt on the exterior of a vehicle can be very inimical. A vehicle’s exterior is comprised of a protective coating or barrier, aimed at shielding the vehicle’s paint from the mixing of moisture and oxygen, which can ultimately cause unwanted rust. However, that barrier may be broken down over time as a result of built-up corrosion including bird droppings, bug splatter, road tar and even dirt and dust. A routine cleansing of a vehicle’s exterior can aid in combatting the damages caused by dirt, while keeping the surface of the vehicle clean. There are numerous car washes locally available in the majority of locations in the United States. To find one, an individual can perform a simple google search for a car wash hayward ca for an example, which will result in various locations to take a vehicle for washing.

Maintaining the cleanliness of a vehicle carries some mental benefits as well. When a vehicle is kept washed and shiny, the driver along with the passenger feel much better about the vehicle they are in. Not only will this belief enable the passengers of the vehicle to feel much better about the vehicle they drive, but also means that they will desire to keep the vehicle in that same condition for a longer period of time. This often creates a positive energy where an aesthetically pleasing looking vehicle tends to stay clean for a longer time.

The winter time tends to be one of the busiest times for car washes, automatic ones in particular. This is largely due to the vast majority of individuals not wanting to exit their vehicles in the cold weather, and evidently end up visiting an automatic car wash for convenience purposes. However, some individuals believe that by keeping their vehicles in a garage where the vehicle will be safe and free from outside elements including salt is enough protection and believe that they don’t need to wash their vehicles. This is a detrimental misconception because even a few winters worth of salt build-up on a vehicle can accelerate the rusting process. Even if a vehicle is kept indoors during the winter, and there is no visible salt or elements on the vehicle’s exterior, the elevated temperatures of an indoor garage can actually accelerate the corrosion process. This can be devastating to a vehicle since the majority of salt that is built-up is on the bottom of a vehicle’s undercarriage, which is almost impossible to rinse off. Consequently, vehicle owners should visit a car wash where they provide an undercarriage or underbody flushing service. Washing is the only way to remove road salt from a vehicle’s exterior. It can be very costly to a vehicle if left untreated. Not only will it cause rust over time, but it can also cause your vehicle’s paint to peel, ultimately being exposed to oxygen and causing costly rusting.