How to Get Optimum Cash for Your Junk Car

Junk cars can be a valuable commodity to one person, and a painful eye sore to the next. If you happen to be in possession of a junk car there can still be profit made. The question is where to take it to find that profit. The junk car market is used primarily by auto repair shops, car restorers, and DIY-ers. A junk car is essentially stripped for parts that will ultimately go into another vehicle. Some of these parts are rare and valuable. By finding them in a junk car a buyer in turn saves a lot of money. This means you can make some money if you happen to have that part. Getting cash for cars can be as involved or simple as you want it to be. Here are the avenues you can use to sell your car.

Scrap Yard

Scrap Yards are like junkyards except they pay for metal. You will receive cash for the weight of your car and possibly for any parts within. Scrap yards break cars down for parts and keep inventory. They are well aware of part value. This can work to your advantage if you happen to have rare parts. Mostly though, you will receive money for the weight of your car only. This is a simple, painless way to get some cash. It is not the most lucrative but it only requires you dropping your car off and waiting while they process it.


There are actually websites dedicated to junk cars that will do most of the work for you. All that is required are details about your car. You enter the make, the model, and other information and they take care of the rest. Some will make an offer for your car, purchase it, and then take it away. Others you can use to create a listing for your car so that an independent buyer can purchase it. Some sites are just junk car removal sites and will tow your car away for no fee. Websites dedicated to junk cars are the best way to advertise your car and get good money out of it. They have all the information necessary to rate your car and its value.

Independent Seller

You can sell your car independently as well. There are ways to do so. Simply perform an internet search with your basic information, cash for cars Naperville IL, and you can find the most available means to unload your car.

You can give it away, strip it, or sell it yourself. This can be very profitable if you know what you are doing. All that is required is knowledge of your car and the parts within. This can help you figure out its value so you can create your own listing. This is all dependent on your car and its value. Some have rudimentary parts that bare an average value. This avenue is a little involved but requires no outside sources other than the internet.